Comment on “TDP-43 Repression of Nonconserved Cryptic Exons is Compromised in ALS-FTD”


In the past weeks, a lot of attention has been directed to the article by Philip Wong and colleagues – TDP-43 Repression of Nonconserved Cryptic Exons Is Compromised in ALS-FTD published in Science on August 7 (1). Several internet portals claimed that this study discovered the cause of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) (2), provoking a number of reactions from the public, still sensibilized to ALS as a result of a recent world-wide fundraising event – the Ice Bucket Challenge. Some patients’ associations even organized celebration parties with the message that “the Ice Bucket Challenge enabled scientists to finally solve the ALS mystery.” This was also supported by Wong and colleagues, who expressed gratitude for donations and invited everyone to continue to raise the budget in this way (3).